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1. General Terms

1.1. By opening a trading account under this Trading Bonus program, the Client acknowledges that he has read and agreed to be bound by these Terms and Conditions as well as to the Company its Trading Terms and Conditions.

1.2. The Company has the right to amend, alter or terminate these Bonus & Credit conditions at its sole discretion, and at any time without notice.

1.3. The Company reserves the right to refuse offering of the 100% Trading Bonus at its sole discretion without the need to provide justification. The Company will not be liable for any stop outs or any other consequences that result out of a Bonus cancellation and/or removal.

1.4. If the Company suspects that a Client has abused or attempted to abuse a promotion, or otherwise acted with a lack of good faith towards us, then the Company reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to deny, withhold or withdraw from that Client the Trading Bonus or credit or promotion and if necessary to cancel any terms and conditions with respect to that Client, either temporarily or permanently, or terminate that Client's access to the service and/or block that Client's Account.

1.5. Any dispute or situation not covered by these Terms will be resolved by the Company Management in a fair manner.

1.6. The 100% Trading Bonus only applies on new deposits and at the company’s sole discretion also on selected re-deposits. An internal transfer between accounts is not counted as a deposit. Hence, the application for a bonus cannot be submitted for a deposit made by internal transfer.

1.7. The Trading bonus and Trading credit offer applies to all account types.

1.8. Once a client completes the volume requirement, they will need to send an email to [email protected] requesting the bonus to be released and to habilitate withdrawal options.

1.9. Participation in the 100% Trading Bonus is not allowed for persons under the age of 18 or otherwise under the legal age in their country of residence ("minors").

2. Operating Terms

2.1. To withdraw the Bonus from your account you need to make transactions (number of standard Forex lots) in the amount of: /5 = EXAMPLE: You receive $200 bonus. To withdraw the received bonus, you need to make a transaction $200 / 5 = 40 standard lots (only closed deals are considered and forbidden trading techniques are not allowed; see in our general T&C). ATTENTION: When calculating the trading volume, we consider those transactions on all currency pairs (Standard Forex Lots) (Metals, Commodities and other CFD instruments don’t participate in the offer), which were opened and closed.

2.2. Withdrawals only can be made when the complete required volume has been traded. These conditions are valid for any Trading Bonus and Trading Credit (independent of the bonus percentage and/or amount).

2.3. Unless all requirements of the program are met, you can´t withdraw. Once the original deposit is removed, the bonus is lost. If a part of the original deposit is withdrawn the bonus is removed on a pro rata basis, therefore there will be a partial bonus removal (subject to the company’s approval). Each withdrawal is subject of bonus removal as per calculation in point 2.1. In case partial withdrawal and partial bonus or credit removal has been approved volume requirements still stay in place and they still account for the original bonus or credit that has been received.

2.4. Furthermore, the 100% Trading Bonus can only be used for trading purposes and cannot be withdrawn. Trading Credits (compromise of deposit) can also not been withdrawn need to be deposited first by customers.

2.5. If volume requirements are not met and the equity of the account goes below the available bonus or credit amount, then the bonus or credit can be removed automatically by the system. In other words, if the Cash Equity (Equity - Trading Bonus) becomes zero or less, all previously awarded Trading Bonuses can be cancelled and withdrawn from the respective Client’s account. In these circumstances the Company shall not be liable for any consequences of the bonus cancelation, including, but not limited to, order(s) closure by Stop Out.

2.6. Trading Bonuses and Credits cannot be transferred between, or from Eligible Clients’ trading Accounts within the Company.

2.7. In the case of selecting the Trading Bonus or Trading Credit there may be no margin call alert.

2.8. These Terms and Conditions are made in English language. Any other language translation is provided as a convenience only. In the case of any inconsistency or discrepancy between original English texts and their translation into any other language original versions of English shall prevail.

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